Host Responsibility

Host Responsibility Policy For The Hamper Room Nz 

- We will ensure that anyone entering the website must first enter the “are you 18 or over” check 

- If the order is made by phone or email the same question will be asked. 

- We will only be selling small quantities at once in conjunction with other items in a gift box. For 

example - A hamper may have a bottle of alcoholic wine or spirits or maybe 2 bottles of beer. - Alcohol will not be sold on its own only as part of gift hamper included either food or pamper 

products or with both. 

Alcohol Promotion
- No promotions that encourage the rapid consumption of alcohol or an excessive volume will be 

initiated by our advertising or our website 

Alcohol Delivery
- No hamper including alcohol will be delivered to an intoxicated person as assessed by 

the SCAB requirement outline. Our policy on and the couriers policy on  this will be to assess the situation and return at another time with the parcel.

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